• Take Action


“I see every day how important Illinois home care programs are. I’m a case worker who helps connect our senior citizens to home care providers. Ordinary people in Illinois—the people who need home care services—don’t have lobbyists fighting for them. There is only one way to keep these devastating home care cuts from becoming a reality: More people need to speak out. You need to speak out.”

-- Mary Pat Frye

“I treasure my independence. But in order to maintain it, I count on my home care aide. “I’m like many others in Illinois. I worked hard all my life. I took care of myself and my family. But in recent years, I’ve started to need some help with things: groceries, cooking, getting around. I don’t need a nursing home, but I need some assistance.”

-- Rosine Mensah

“I see every day how important Illinois child care programs are. How? My family counts on them. My family is like many others in Illinois. We work hard. But if it weren’t for the child care options Illinois offers, we might not be able to hold down our jobs—and we simply can’t afford to lose them.”

-- Idella Smith